April 23, 2006

U.S Must Offer Iran Diplomatic Deal?

FoxNews, certainly the most hawkish of the major news network, published an interesting online editorial piece from the CATO Institute. Ted Galen Carpenter and Justin Logan suggest that

"The United States should offer Iran full normalization of relations, including a public promise not to attack it, restored diplomatic relations, and normalized economic relations. In return, Iran would need to give up any prospect of building a nuclear arsenal. Iran would be required to immediately open its existing nuclear program to unfettered international inspections."This sounds great. Unfortunately, it won't work. Iran is not about to stop what they are doing.However, this is a wonderful step toward gaining support for doing what has to be done in Iran (or elsewhere). If we honestly offer countries the right to be diplomatic and economic partners with the United States then we put the ball in their court, and their refusal (inevitable in many cases, like this one) will give legitimacy to the actions that must occur in the future.

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Anonymous said...

I've been reading lately a book entitled Countdown to Crisis by Kenneth Timmerman. He supplies evidence that Iran has been behind most of the terror attacks on the US as far back as the Beruit barracks bombing in 1981. They have been seeking nuclear weaponry since the mid-1980s. Iran will 'accept' our diplomatic deal, but laugh out of the other corner of our mouth if we offer it, realizing that we are so stupid that we can't even understand our own intelligence gathering.

It is possible that Iran is much closer than we think to being able to attack us with something much worse than they already have. Diplomacy is all they need, because diplomacy takes time.