April 21, 2006

Things Everyone Should Know About

In a bit of a departure from my previous posts (not that anyone reads them anyway), I decided to make a list of lesser-known things that make my life better, in no particular order except for the first:

- The gosepel of Jesus Christ and The Book of Mormon.

- Google Labs - The people at Google consistently do wonderful, creative things. This is a list of projects that are in the works. What a great idea to give all of their engineers "20 percent time", in which they can work on whatever they want.

- A Citi Dividend card. 5% cash back for groceries and gas, and 1% on everything else. It is fantastic.

- A high-interest online savings account. ING has recently been out-interest-rated by some other companies, but they are still a great bank.

- OpenOffice software. The document revolution is coming, and its name is Open Source. OpenOffice is leading the way, with a fantastic, free, Office Suite.

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